Saturday, February 7, 2009

My first Glass Block Light

My first attempt at a glass block light. This one if for my Dad. He is a Lutheran Minister (retired -sort of)...and he likes Martin Luther's seal. I hope he likes this version. The artwork is a little like stained glass. I don't really like the way the ice texture on the glass block shows through. I think I'll need to get the clear glass next time. Also, the lights all sit at the bottom. Not sure how to fix that unless I just need more lights. It's a 20 light strand. The artwork was printed on vellum, and then laminated, and stuck on with a large sheet of double sided adhesive. I tried my "bowdabra" for the bow. I'll have to practice a little!!

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Anonymous said...

Our Lutheran pastor is leaving soon, I've been trying to come up with a nice gift idea. This might be it! I've never done one of these light blocks, but it's really pretty.