Friday, April 2, 2010

My new spellbinders storage binder

Yeah!! ...... I dumped the old way of storing my spellbinders, and found a new way.  I love this.  Everything is all in one place and very easy to get to.  I have 50 sets of dies in this 1" binder!!!!!!

Okay...  I'll tell you what I did.  I took a soft cover 3 ring binder, a package of Grafix 8.5 X 11 chipboard (Medium Wt.), and some business size self-adhesive magnets (although larger sheets of magnets would have worked better).

I used the crop-a-dile to punch holes in the chipboard.  I simply used a piece of paper and a 3-hole punch as a template.  I just layed the punched white paper on top of the chipboard and lined up the crop-a-dile to punch the holes.  here is a little video I found that shows how to punch holes with the crop-a-dile.
   The binder I purchased was a 1" binder and fit about 6 sheets of chipboard.  I was worried that I might not get to put magnets on both sides of the chipboard in case the magnets stuck together, but no worries!!  It works perfectly.  The pages are nice and stiff, so they don't flop around, and it's easy to flip through and see what I have.  The dies stay in place and don't fall off.  The notebook is a little heavy.  It weighs about 5 pounds with 50 different sets of dies.

Here is my old storage system.  If anyone is interested in purchasing these cases, I have about 30 of the square CD cases (with magnets), and about 9 of the larger rectangular cases (with magnets.)  Send me an email at:


melv said...

What a wonderful system! Love it, the Gina K binders can't handle the weight of the Spellbinders and brake. Thanks for the tip.

Betty Wright said...

Mary, this is amazing! LOVE this idea! Neat, compact, affordable, and all in one place! Awesome idea! TSMFS! Blessings!

Swedie said...

Great idea! I have had something like this in mind. Thanks for sharing it.