Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paper Punches

I have discovered a new craft!! Not really new, but a new obsession for me. Paper flowers made mostly from paper punches. Here are a few that I've tried so far. Please look for some examples in the next few days, and hopefully some tutorials coming soon. Also, if shopping for punches, please purchase from my store. I am now selling the punch bunch punches. All profits will go towards treatments for my 6 year old who is sick and in need of treaments that insurance will not pay for. Thank You!! Here is the link to my store: http://www.littleangelsonlinestore.com/Store/categories.php?cat=88

My store was started as a store for baby memorial products, so you will see mostly those products on the website if you look around. It was too expensive to start a new craft site, so this is where the punches are. Please ask if you have any questions. Delivery will be about 7-10 days in the beginning while I build up my inventory, but I am offering slightly discounted pricing on all orders. Also, for orders of more than $75, you will get free shipping. Enter coupon code: PUNCHCRAZY at checkout for the free shipping.

1 comment:

Archana said...

the flowers look so real.. I'd be visiting your blog frequently.. lots to learn from here..